Chestnut Hill on the Delaware

welcomes you to come in out of the cold
and into the warmth and romance of our inn

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"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving,
make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!"
~ Amanda Bradley



Chestnut Hill Bed and Breakfast offers unique features and attractions not available in other parts of New Jersey. Located in Milford and directly in the Delaware River Valley, this lodging opportunity provides unbeatable landscapes and beauty that simply cannot be beat. The Delaware River flows as one of the most important rivers in American history, and it is one of nineteen "Great Waters" recognized by the America's Great Waters Coalition. Our two homes are located directly on the water and include a river walk with a boating dock. All of our guests have access to both the river walk and dock, and because of this we attract many guests outside of the United States. The safe, attractive and natural area makes our bed and breakfast the place to stay when in the Valley.

Chestnut Hill Bed and Breakfast Milford, New Jersey ~ 888-333-2242